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If you’re interested in Invisalign clear braces you will probably have a few questions about treatment. The treatment is a leading system which has already been chosen by over 6 million people. A lot of dentists and orthodontists provide the treatment, and it’s vital that you select your dentist on their reputation and track record. The end results actually depend on the system as well as the expert completing your treatment.

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Any dentist can actually treat patients using Invisalign, but for the best results you should go for an orthodontist as they specialise in re-alignment of teeth. This is even more important if your case is more complicated. All orthodontists are also qualified as dentist, but not all dentists are qualified as orthodontists.

Treatment prices do vary as the treatment is bespoke. The cost can be classed as an investment because your smile is a true asset. As a guide, prices range between £3000 – £5000 for a 12 – 18 month treatment length. If a patient only needs minor adjustments costs can be as low as £1500. Our clinic provides monthly payment plans with interest free finance options. Insurance cover can also be used to fund part of your treatment. Insurance cover can be health or dental insurance or orthodontic cover. Our goal is to ensure treatment is affordable to all patients who want to enhance their smile. We provide Invisalign Full, i7, Lite and Teen.

Clear braces can help you achieve your ideal smile – without the hassle and restrictions of old style fixed metal braces. Your aligners will need to be worn for 22 hours per day. You will have to remove these when eating or drinking, unless you are only drinking cold water. If a patient does not follow the necessary wear time then treatment may need to be extended and there is a risk that the best possible results will not be achieved. Another benefit of the technology is that patients can preview their new smile prior to commencing treatment. This uses our ClinCheck 3D digital smile simulation.

Your personal treatment plan will be based on a sequence of aligners which will gradually re-align your teeth to their new optimal positions. You will have to wear your aligners for around 2 weeks each before changing up to the next aligner in the sequence. Re-alignment of teeth has to be carried out gradually because if done too fast this can affect the dental root which can affect stability of the teeth.

Clear braces feel smooth and comfortable, and as treatment is gentle and gradual there is little if any pain, compared to metal braces which can be painful when fitted and adjusted. It can take a few days to get used to wearing your clear braces, but patients are frequently delighted at just how invisible the trays actually are. It is easy to get used to your new routine when you are looking forward to your new smile.

Some patients choose to keep quiet about treatment, it’s a personal choice. Aligners can make your teeth appear more glossy but the majority of our patients complete their treatment without anyone even knowing.

Patients can also find that their speech sounds a little different for a brief period. However this returns to normal fast. You may also find that you salivate more when you first get used to your aligners, this is simply due to your mouth thinking the aligner trays are a food, again this also returns to normal within a couple of days. Some patients will also have a special tooth coloured attachment placed on a tooth or multiple teeth if specific teeth require additional rotations or specialised re-alignment. This enables the aligners to grip to the teeth and exert the necessary force to complete the required alignment. This is also virtually invisible as the material is made of tooth coloured composite. This is taken off the end of your treatment.

Cleaning your teeth and aligners is quick and easy. You just take out your aligners and brush and floss as usual. Metal braces can actually lead to discolouration if proper brushing is not carried out effectively multiple times a day. Clear braces can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush and tooth paste. Dissolvable cleaning tablets are also available for this purpose.

You are able to eat and drink all of your favourite foods throughout your treatment, thanks to your aligners being removable. You will not have to restrict or modify your diet at all. You just take our your aligners before you eat and drink to ensure proper hygiene and to preserve your aligners because they are not designed be worn for biting and chewing.

You’ll also need to clean your teeth and aligners after each snack or meal or drink, unless you are just drinking cold water. Your appointments will be every six to eight weeks and you will also need to visit your dentist as usual. At your orthodontic appointments you will be given a box which has 3 – 4 aligners for each phase of your treatment.

You will need to wear retainers after any orthodontic treatment to maintain your results long term. We advise and provide two types of retainers as part of your treatment. The first is a fixed retainer wire which is attached behind your lower front teeth. The second retainer is a removable retainer to be worn 2 nights each week. This looks similar to your Invisalign trays.

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