We are pleased to offer Invisalign clear braces treatment. Clear braces are the leading socially acceptable way to straighten your smile. Contact us for your free smile assessment – try on your new smile with our digital simulation and get your custom treatment plan and pricing.

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What is Invisalign?

The system is made up of a series of clear aligners which you change up over time. Typically patients change up to the next aligner every 7 – 14 days. One of the most popular advantages of clear braces is the fact that they simply do not interfere with you lifestyle. Because they are invisible you can choose if you want to tell anyone you are having treatment or not. Aligners are also completely smooth and comfortable to wear as they have no wires or brackets which frequently cause discomfort in patients who wear fixed metal braces.

Also because the appliance is fully removable you can take them out to eat and drink, and still enjoy all of your favourite food and beverage choices. There are no restrictions or compromises. Aligners can be kept in when drinking water, but need to be removed for all other types of drinks.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Invisalign treatment lasts anywhere from 6 – 18 months depending on your personal requirements. As this is a relatively long time, wearing clear braces is a huge advantage, as most people don’t want to wear highly visible braces for that length of time.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

We suggest booking in for your free smile assessment, at this time we will discuss your requirements and the suitability of treatment for you. Invisalign can treat a wide range of orthodontic concerns including crowded teeth, gaps, crooked teeth and bite problems. The cost of treatment depends on your personal treatment plan and can be advised during your smile assessment. Insurance cover can also be used towards the cost of your treatment. This can be health insurance, dental insurance or specialised orthodontic insurance. Our team are happy to liaise with your insurance company to assist you further. We also offer monthly payment plans to make treatment accessible to all patients. The cost of treatment for clear braces is similar to the cost of treatment for fixed traditional style braces.

How Doe I Choose The Best Invisalign Dentist?

When choosing an Invisalign provider your should look at their track record to ensure that you are choosing the best and can be assured of achieving the best possible smile for yourself. It is not recommended to choose based on offers or discounts such as Groupon promotions etc. This is because the final results you achieve will be based on the technology and the practitioner carrying out the treatment.

At your consultation appointment you will be able to see a digital simulation of your smile so you can see the results that can be achieved thanks to the ClinCheck technology simulation.

At your first treatment appointment we will use our Itero scanner to take digital impressions of your teeth in order to prepare your treatment plan. This will enable us to formulate the number of aligners required in your series. When your aligners are ordered and manufactured, they will be sent to our dental spa. At your appointment we will demonstrate the use of your aligners, including insertion and removal, cleaning and dental hygiene. The appointments required will be convenient with less appointments required than when having metal braces fitted which require additional appointments for any slipped wires or brackets which need to be adjusted. Patients are frequently amazed at just how invisible clear braces actually are when first putting them on.

More than 6 million people have straightened their teeth with Invisalign worldwide, the majority of patients are adults who welcome the opportunity to straighten their teeth using invisible orthodontics. Many adults for whatever reason missed out on braces when they were younger and decided to rule out fixed metal braces in their adult years as they would not feel comfortable wearing such braces socially and professionally.

For this reason Invisalign clear aligners have become the number one socially acceptable method to straighten your teeth. Many adults have chosen the technology if they feel self conscious about their smile. People often feel uncomfortable, or hide their smile or smile less as a result. Your smile is an asset and is priceless for your confidence and self esteem.

How Can I Find Out More About Clear Braces In Manchester?

Take the first step today and contact us for your free smile assessment. We look forward to welcoming you to our dental spa where you can have all of your questions answered and see our before and after gallery of patient photos covering the full range of orthodontic concerns the technology can treat. You will also be able to read patient reviews about clear braces and find out what it’s like during your treatment. You can also see a demo of the app provided by Align Tech which allows you to track your progress and upload photos during your treatment. Patients report this is very motivating as they can see their new smile taking shape.

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