Sliding Door costs and features

If you’re currently browsing the cost of patio doors, then you will have inevitably come across the option of sliding doors.

These are often a favoured option as they flood in plenty of light and they allow for healthy circulation in your home.

In terms of doors that are comprised of large glass panels, many people will be stuck for choice between sliding doors and bi-fold doors.

Both appear similar when shut, but sliding doors have some key differences.


Don’t be thrown by the name ‘bypass doors’ if you come across it: these are, in fact, the same type of door.

The name ‘bypass’ is just as literal as the word ‘sliding’ insofar as they slide or bypass each other on tracks. Sliding doors are usually just two glass panels on tracks that pull across and lock on one side.

That’s not to say that you have to stick to just two panels, however. You can actually get triple panel sliding doors if you want to add a wider, panoramic feel to the backend of your home.

Sliding Garden Patio Doors

Because of the size of the glass panels required to make sliding doors, they are often (and should be) made from safety glass, which not only makes them more difficult to smash but also safer if they do happen to break.

Sliding doors are also always made from insulated glass, which means they contribute to the energy efficiency of your home.

A layer of argon gas and two thick panels of glass will keep your home nice and toasty, even if it’s snowing outside.


uPVC is easily the most cost-effective material to choose if you’re looking to minimise the price of your sliding doors.

A standard, two-panel door could start from as low as £700. For an aluminium sliding door, you can expect a standard, two-panel door to start at £900 – £1,000.

A woodgrain effect door would also equate to around the same price. Adding a third panel in aluminium will see that price go up to around £2,700.

You may even be able to add a fourth panel, but it is worth talking to your supplier and installer about this.

The larger the panel, the more expensive the cost is inevitably going to be. It helps to be aware that you’re unlikely to get a width longer than three metres.

When it comes to the actual price of fitting the doors, you should expect to pay around £500.

If you go for what is referred to as a ‘supply and fit’ contractor, the price should be given to you as a whole; you won’t have to do the maths of the original price of the door and the cost of installation on top.

Sliding doors are a great feature to add to your home, as not only do they add light, but also value.

If your patio doors are outdated, of you don’t have any at all, then sliding doors could be the perfect option if you want to open your property out to the great outdoors while keeping it nicely secure and warm.