Patio door costs and features

While many can make do with a singular, swing door out of the back of the kitchen, there’s nothing that beats the feeling of having an expansive entrance out into the garden provided by patio doors.

Patio doors add light to any room at the back of your home, and they’re great for opening out when the weather’s particularly pleasant.

However, there are different types of doors, with different pricing depending on the materials you choose.

Sliding Doors

Types of patio door

While you could just about have any door imaginable opening out onto your patio, there are three main types of specific patio door available.

Choosing any one of these will instantly add appeal and value to your home, particularly if you are looking to re-sell, or improve your home’s general appearance:

  • French doors: These are the traditional, continental-style doors that swing out from the property. They have two doors, usually fitted with double-glazing to add light and trap heat.
  • Sliding doors: Sometimes referred to as ‘bypass doors,’ these are usually two large, glass panels on two tracks. It doesn’t necessarily have to be two panels, however. If you have enough space to play with, you could easily add three.
  • Bi-fold doors: These are a more modern interpretation of patio doors. They create a wall of glass that can be opened with a concertina effect. These are great if you want to have a space that doubles up as an outdoor living area when the doors are opened fully.


Sliding Patio Doors

For two doors, made from white uPVC (the least expensive material), you can expect the item itself to cost £500- £750. Labour, generally, costs around £300. So, in total, the cheapest, most basic patio doors will end up costing you just over £1,000.

As a general guide, the separate price of each type of door comes down to as follows:

  • French doors: With uPVC being the cheapest, and aluminium being the most expensive, prices range from £500 to £1,500 (excluding labour).
  • Sliding doors: They cost much the same, but know that the more panels you add, the more expensive the job will be. So first, consider your budget.
  • Bi-folding doors: These are the most trendy and modern, and the price will reflect this slightly, with the minimum cost starting at around £1,000 and reaching as high as £4,000.

If you have specific queries about the materials used for your frames or are worried your doors will need unique measurements, then the best way to get an accurate price is to get a quote from a ‘supply and fit’ contractor.

If you want to add patio doors to your home, but are worried about the price, do consider some of the more affordable options. French and sliding doors can be incredibly wallet-friendly if you opt for uPVC frames, which are both durable and sturdy.

You will have to part with a bit more money for bi-fold doors, but the stunning effect they create many be well worth the investment, and you could see you home instantly gaining kerb appeal. Get a quote here today!